Travis Scott Shares “Highest In The Room” Official Song & Video

Travis Scott - Highest In The Room Song & Video

Travis Scott Drops Highest In The Room Song And It’s Music Video

Let’s introduce Travis for a while. Jacques Berman Webster II, who is better known with his stage name, Travis Scott, is a prolific and talented American rapper, songwriter and also doubles as a record producer.

The American super rapper was first recognized in 2012 when he hit his first and major label deal with one of the most popular record labels, Epic Records.

For the space of seven years, the American rapper has successfully stamped his musical footprint in the sands of time, and has been doing impressively well till date.

Not long ago, the award winning rapper revealed he has a new song in works, and would be released today.

After the long wait, Travis Scott’s highly awaited single called “Highest in the Room” is currently out, though before it’s official release, it was rumored that the new song will feature another reputable rapper Lil Baby, but that was not really the case, as we did not hear any featured artiste sing.

It was earlier in the week that Travis revealed the song’s official release. Though his private life drama has been at the middle stage for some days now,but surely, diehard followers are not about to let a short relationship news kill the vibe and anticipation surrounding Scott’s newest.

Recently, Scott talked with Zane Lowe about his new single “Highest in the Room” and claimed he couldn’t postpone the release date of the song any farther.

He said; “I’m glad I’m able to get to this point right now I’ve been ready to drop this sh*t forever,” he continued. “To be honest, it was sort of just something I wanted to perform at the time. I’ve done it at so many shows and it’s been so fun doing it I was like man I gotta just drop this.

He also stated; “I’m gearing up for something more special to come following that,” and also added. “I’m at the point where I’m just trying to cook up some dope shit and drop Highest in the Room, and maybe put something around it…I’m in no rush frankly but I’m taking my time to come up with the next album but I’m always down to drop music and serve some packs to the fans. It’s time for the fans to eat.

Stream and listen to the new song on Youtube below.

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