Rihanna And Others May Have Studio Albums Coming Up Soon

Drake, Rihanna & The Weeknd Have Albums Coming Up Soon

Rihanna And Others May Have Studio Albums Coming Up Soon

For some time now, Rihanna’s Navy tends to be closer to the female emcee looking for a truthful information about when Riri baby will be dropping her new music, considering that her last studio album which was ANTI, was released way back in  2016. Though fans understand that the “Needed Me” crooner’s time has benn filled up with the molding and building up of her empire with her Savage and Fenty lingerie, reputable fashion Fenty label and beauty brand, all night day that passes with out a Rihanna offering has melted the hearts of plenty.

In a previous press release by Rihanna, she revealed that it really does not feel good that the music she’s working on can’t just come out, because she’s working on something really fun as of then, she also stated that she was really happy with the quality of materials her group has so far, at the end, the firmly stated that she will not release it until she is complete dine with it.

Good information has finally hit us since Universal Music France had it’s annual “open session” where the group reveals its reports of the year so far and also what is to come for the upcoming months. On the report/list for the remaining part of 2019 was an interesting update, in the list was Rihanna’s upcoming studio album which was slated to be released in December.

Somewhere else on the calendar for the label, there are other exciting heart melting releases to be expected from the industry’s big fishes,

From the list, fans could be expecting a release from the following; Drake, The Migos, Kanye West and The Weeknd respectively by two months time, November.

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