Cam’ron Has Announced “Purple Haze 2” Release Date

Cam'ron Has Announced "Purple Haze 2" Release Date

Cam’ron Has Announced “Purple Haze 2” Release Date

It’s been a very long time since Cam’ron dropped The Program and about 5 years now since reporting the continuation of 2004’s Purple Haze. Subsequent to discharging his new single, “Believe In Flee” this week, the rapper has formally reported a release date for Purple Haze 2. The rapper took to his Instagram page to share a snippet of the album alongside a straightforward inscription saying, “Purple Haze 2.. Dec-16-19.” So, this December, you can hope to have the hotly anticipated seventh studio project from Killa Cam.

The snippet comes with music on the backgroung. Over pitched up soul tests, the rapper gets thoughtful about baby-mama dramas, legal issues, street troubles, and yet prevailing regardless of the odds being filled against him. The video included shows Killa Cam jumping into a Lamborghini painted with a purple dollar note style and heading to a memorial park.

Cam’ron’s been prodding the album for almost five years now. He scheduled a release date for the task in 2015 yet because of his tour plans, he drove it back. He likewise said that the venture will serve as his “last album” at a certain point, in spite of the fact that it appears to be far-fetched that those aims have stuck. He and Jim Jones have apparently been taking a shot at a joint project  titled, Floss and Sauce: The Fly Boys. Jim revealed the project some time back however there hasn’t been an update since. Maybe that may be the following move for both Cam and Jim Jones following the arrival of Purple Haze 2.


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